In Media Res

“In medias res” is Latin for "into the middle of things." It usually describes a narrative that begins, not at the beginning of a story, but somewhere in the middle — usually at some crucial point in the action. Are you ready to be part of the story?

February 24-26th, 2017
River Forest Group Camping Site
45700 River Forest Blvd, Deland, FL 32720

This is a high-immersion event, and differs from your standard SCA event in several significant ways. Every aspect, from the classes to the fighting, have been set up in a way to encourage immersion. This is not high- authenticity, although we do ask that reasonable effort be made to fit the setting and theme of the event, and we ask that you play along. The staff will be doing everything we can to enhance the illusion, but the success of this event relies on you. The illusion will only be created and maintained if everyone takes part.

We realize that immersive play-acting may not appeal to everyone, and that is okay. This event may not be interesting for everyone. However if you are intrigued and would like to join us, we ask that you do so with an open mind, willing heart, and enthusiasm.

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