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If you have any specific questions about the setting or theme of the event, please comment below. This page will be updated regularly with answers to all common questions.

So, is this like a LARP then?

Nothing so complicated! There will be no character sheets, character templates, or any of the other hallmarks of roleplaying. All we ask is that people make an effort to fit the setting, and play along. Try to avoid modern topics, or use alternate names for modern items (such as Cart instead of Car), and tweak your persona a little to fit the theme.

For example, my normal persona is a 14th century Frenchwoman named Adelina de Bretigny. But for this event, I will be in Anglo-saxon garb, and my persona will be Adelina, the Anglo-Saxon. Per the setting materials, I will be an inhabitant of an Anglo-saxon village and will have the opinion one might expect an Anglo-saxon worried about being raided to have about the Norsemen.

If everyone attending are going to be Anglo-saxons, who are the Vikings?

Their Majesties, Ari and Sabilla, will have a party of hand-picked Vikings to accompany them as they interact with the village. They remain King and Queen of the Viking lands, but they are visitors to our lands.

So the Crown Trimaris isn't in charge?

This is where that "play-acting" bit comes into play. For the purposes of this event the Village will be lead by the Baron and Baroness Darkwater. All respect should be granted to a peaceful King and Queen come seeking trade, of course, but what if the Norsemen's intentions aren't all peaceful?

My normal persona is Elizabethan, can I still play?

Yes! No need to chose a new name even, just a few tweeks to your persona's story and mindset. Instead of being Mary the Elizabethan noble, be Mary the Anglo-Saxon noble. Lay hands on some t-tunics, or wear that one greek/roman outfit everyone in Trimaris owns and you are good to go!