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It is understood that not everyone may have garb that works for the below, and that some people may not want to create a whole new outfit for one event. That is okay! We just ask that you make a reasonable attempt at fitting the time period. Sort of like the "ten foot rule," You don't have to have anglo-saxon garb, but please also avoid anything too out of time.

Luckily, the clothing of this place and time is fairly simple and easy to come by.

The clothing of Anglo-saxon England is a cross between Roman and Norse. In the 8th century the Roman Empire is still a recent memory, and the peplos is still a common garment worn by women. Due to the chilly northern climes, this was often layered over a long T-tunic with a scooped neck and wide bands of embroidery. Women could also forgo the peplos and wear a long tunic layered under a shorter one instead. A wool cloak and string of glass beads completes the outfit.

For men, tunics were as short as knee length over pants and boots that were wrapped with cloth to the calf to guard against the cold.  Men's tunics also featured wide bands of embroidery, and in materials and construction were very similar to those worn by women. Beautifully inlaid broaches and gold decorative pieces finished the outfit.

For visual inspiration:  Anglo-Saxon Garb

There was a lot of cross-cultural blending during this period with Norse clothing, and your standard "Viking" outfit could work just as well for this setting, especially for men. For women, forgoing the apron dress in favor of a peplos will give the right impression.