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Classes and Village Activities


Anglo-Saxon Houses and Villages-

Learn about how anglo-saxons houses were constructed/laid out while participants make the paper-mache houses which will serve an integral part of the ‘viking -raids’ fight that evening. Each camp is encouraged to have at least one participant, to ensure there is a house to defend when the raids start.

Viking Wire Weaving- Oddny Dafi

The Norse art of making decorative chains from one woven piece of wire.

Oil Lamp Construction- Adelina de Bretigny

Ensure your camp is well lit by creating your own oil lamp.

Odin's Healing Herbs- Lady Rahil bint Haroun

If there is an injury or sickness, do you know which plants could be used to help?

Anglo-Saxon and Viking Glass Beads- Mistress Melisande de Borges

Stringers and dots! make your own Anglo-Saxon and Norse style beads.

Celtic Knotwork- Mistress Mayken Van Der Alst

The illumination of the Book of Kells and the Lindisfarne Gospels

Norse Navigation- HL Taran Saraev

Learn how the Norse became masters of the sea with their advanced navigation skills. Learn how to chart a course by the stars, and discuss the mystery of Viking Sun-Stones

Village Activities:

"Wander-up and participate" locations where you can join at any time to experience village life.

Hearth Cooking-

Jehannette de Lille and the period cooks guild will be hearth cooking all day, interested parties welcome to come learn and assist!


A place where people can play kub, shut the box, and other period games. Try your hand at the Viking game of Jomswikinger. Betting encouraged!

Open-torch Glassworks-

Take what you have learned in the bead-making class and make more!

Fiber Corner-

Bring your inkle weaving, spinning, knitting and other fiber projects to work on with other fiber enthusiasts!

Blacksmith Works-

Every village needs a blacksmith. Close toed shoes and natural fiber clothes required. 

Swap Meet-

Throw down a blanket and trade your unfinished craft projects, too small garb, and other gently loved items. Who knows what treasures you might be able to trade for just in time for Gulf Wars! (Please note that merchanting is not allowed at this campsite, so only white elephant exchanges please)

Class and Activity Coordinator:
Oddny Daufi
Mka: Shelly Roberts