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Fighting Activities

Training Field:

Practice group fighting tactics in a series of Heavy and Rapier Melees. Gulf Wars is only two weeks away!

Boast Battles:

A Viking makes an inappropriate comment about an Anglo-saxon’s lady. They throw down!

Two Anglo-saxons get into it over who gets the last piece of fresh bread. They throw down!

An Anglo-saxon tells a Viking that they are not welcome. They throw down!

There will be roaming Marshals who can oversee these fights which can happen anywhere on site. The Marshals will ensure that enough space is cleared for the fight to happen safely without a list field. The important thing here is the posturing beforehand. These one-on-one fights should be entertaining to watch and we would even encourage bystanders to bet on the outcomes. Fighters roaming the site should offer a fight by “picking a fight” with another fighter. If the other fighter wishes to fight, they will play along. Anyone can refuse to fight by ‘not taking the bait.’ For Heavy and Rapier.

Viking Raids:

The vikings had said that they came in peace seeking trade, but apparently that was just a pretense to scout out the village, which is now under attack!

This will be an evening/ nighttime fighting event which will include the Heavy, Rapier, and non-combatants at the various campsites. Make sure at least one person from each camp attends the Anglo-Saxon houses class during the day in order to have a paper-mache house to defend. Fighters will defend their homes and non-combatants against the Norse marauders. Details forthcoming!

After someone is 'killed" in the raids, they are welcome to join our Valkyries in Valhalla for midnight meat and mead!

Marshal In Charge:
HL Vivienne Le'Corbeau
Mka: Erika Wilson

Site Marshals:
Sir Johan Croft